Do you need to hire a Freelance PHP Programmer or Freelance PHP Mysql Developer or need a Freelance Web Developer from india or a Freelaance Web Designer from india for your freelance web development needs?

Sukhwinder is a freelance PHP programmer/ freelance PHP developer from India with over eighteen years of professional PHP programming/development experience. Has done many php websites and intranet applications using PHP and other web programming languages for clients from US, Canada, UK and other Europian countries. References will be provided, if asked for. You can view testimonials here. Here is his profile.

Has experience in using Laravel framework (5, 6, 7, 8), smarty template engine and pear packages like PHP Pear DB, Pear HTML Quickform, PHP Pear XML and other pear packages.

Contact for any kind of freelance PHP or other web development work. Below is the list of some of the PHP / MySql projects he has done. List of projects including the ones done in other programming languages is here.

Freelance PHP Mysql Programmer / Developer from India

Freelance PHP Programmer / Developer Projects

    Only Most recent work has active links with permission of clients.

  1. For the past three years (2015-2018) I was working on a single project full time, which involved writing modules using PHP, Mysql, AJAX for an aggregation system. This system is used in both UK and USA. This system has been online since 2010 and development is continuous. Developed modules like CRM, Custom Template Emails, Report Builders and worked on other day to day customisations of whole system.

  2. Worked on a project called Students Behavior Management System. It involves ranking students of schools in a district based on their behavior. Students are ranked on various objectives like whether student attends class, is on time in class, begins task promptly and so on. There are 15 objectives in total. There is admin who could add schools, teachers, case managers and students etc. A single case manager is assigned to each student and multiple teachers are assigned to each student, one for each period. Each teacher can take more than one period. Teachers can add score from 1-5 for each week for every behavior for every student assigned to them for every period they are taking. Based on the these scores reports are created for students. There are yearly and weekly reports for district, schools, teachers, case mangers and students. It displays reports in tabular and graphical form how students in district overall, in each school, or assigned to each case manager or teacher are performing in each behavior. PHP and Mysql were used to develop this.

  3. is a toddler gaming site with a store. Flash and other designing was done by my US friend. It includes a written from scratch e-commerce store as well as phpBB forum integration. is used for accepting payments. Fedex web service API is used for dynamic retrieval of available shipping options. Later a custom built banner management module was developed and also an email system developed to send different type of newsletters to different types of subscribers. PHP and Mysql were used to develop this fun web site.

  4. allowed you to upload your videos, images and mp3s and create and send a greeting card using those. Flash, PHP and mysql were used to develop this. There is also an option to add youtube video to greeting card. Small fee is required to send the greetings.

  5. was a an online store. It is has full flash based front end. PHP is used to handle flash requests and online purchases etc.

  6. A big database including different types of chemical and other products. PHP and mysql were used to develop this.

  7. Marilyn Manson Artwork Online was an official online store for all Marilyn Manson Artwork. Payments are accepted through PayPal PHP and Mysql were used for development.

  8.  is an online shop. They offer a complete line of sockets and interconnects from Cambion, Components Corp., and Keltron Connectors. And also stock a large variety of resistors and capacitors from Xicon Passive Components and NTE Electronics. Technology used: PHP and Mysql.

  9. Dujes is a Slovenian online humoristic newspaper, based upon a humoristic radio broadcasting. Is meant to be an online community of people sharing their stories and humor online. Technology used: php and mysql

  10. ICE project. The project included creating Web based User Interface to be accessed through a STB (Set Top Box) as well as through a PC. Worked in a team of around 6 people from US having specialty in different fields like creating server clusters to C++ programmers to video streaming experts. Created a web based UI which responded to STB remote keypresses as well as PC keyboard kypresses and passed data around through XML RPC. Development continued for almost 1 Year.

  11. MBA Hotel Brokers >was developed using php and msyql. Includes basic property listing. User must register or login to view details of a property. Properties are are added through admin CMS.

  12. is a fun danish web site. Though primarily targeting danish users, it provides users the option to switch the language to english so menu items/messages etc. appear in english. Web users fill a simple registration form and then are able to browse and download wallpapers. User has the option to submit wallpapers and if approved they appear on the web site. Also provides users the option to select an RSS feed he wants to view when he visits the web site. So whenever user logs in to web site he can view his preferred RSS feed. PHP and Mysql were used to develop this.

  13. Hypnosisportal is dedicated in promoting ethical hypnosis practice through referrals. It is an entirely free service, both for practitioners, and clients looking for appropriate therapist.
    Hypnosisportal provides clients seeking therapy the most convenient way to find, assess, and book appointments with professionals in their area through real-time calendars. You can search a professional in your Area and then view his calendar to request an appointment at time you want. PHP and mysql were used to develop this site for a UK client.

  14. Ashland Tree Care was developed with the help of US designer. PHP and mysql was used to add a custom photo gallery and news module to the site. Owner can manage photos and configure gallery in many ways and can manage news using backend.

  15. IFlirt is a simple fun site developed for a regular US client. Uses simple 3 field registration. After a user is registered. He can browse many profiles of people collected from all over the internet. It uses another website for profile database through REST xml api calls. Many PHP Pear packages like xml, pager, db, http and net were used to complete the site very quickly.

  16. Another shopping web site done using php and MySql for a US client. Payment options include PayPal and others. Technology used: php and mysql

  17. An SMS application for searching pizza shops in UK. An SMS is sent using a mobile to a fixed number with a postcode and at random 3 restaurants / pizzerias existing in that postcode area are returned. Records of messages sent / received are made for detailed reporting. Mysql and PHP were used to develop this application. Searches can be made online and by SMS. Contact for a demo.

  18. A database of lawyers. Registration is not free. Users pay to search the database for a limited period. Access depends upon how many days access user has purchased. Technology used: php and mysql.

  19. A movie database for intranet use. Again PHP and Mysql were used for developing this website. There are many kind of users with different roles. Took around 40-45 days to develop.

  20. Internet / Intranet application for a finishing school. They teach cooking, dancing, languages and various other things. This web based application included, modules to manage students, their admissions, attendance, exams, results etc., stock, jobs, immigration and many more things. They also wanted that they should be able to work offline and then synchronize data with database on the web. And then they wanted software to keep separate records for each of their branch and that each branch should be able to synchronize its data with database on the web.

    It was a big project. PHP-Apache-MySql were used for this project and it took around 70 days to complete. About 270 PHP files were written for this project.

  21. Another intranet application for a driving school in UK. First challenge was to extract data from a Zope application and then write the application using PHP-MySql. First had to learn about Zope and then zodb and then python.

    After extracting data it was exported to MySql database and application was re-written in PHP. Took around 90 days to complete.

  22. 2 Matrimonial sites. Again PHP and MySql were used for developing these web sites.

  23. Another intranet application similar to address book of outlook express. Same options were there for adding new identities and for keeping contacts of each identity separate. PHP and mysql were used.

  24. Online testing software to take tests on various topics. It was written using PHP and MySql.

  25. An alumni site for a local school. First it was written in PHP and database was mysql and later in ASP and Sql Server were used.

  26. Online result for a local school. Mysql and PHP were used. Database was designed by some other company for a desktop Application.

  27. Many others small and large ones done in last year or so.

PHP Developer Freelance PHP Programmer India


Post Graduation 2/2004 Msc(IT) India-Punjab-Jalandhar
Bachelors Degree 5/1996 B.Com India-Punjab-Jalandhar
Certification 4/2000 E-Commerce India-Punjab-Jalandhar
Certification 8/1998 Honors Diploma in Computer Science India-Punjab-Jalandhar

Freelance PHP Programmer/Developer Experience

Job Title : Senior Web Developer/Web Development Technical Lead
Work Details : Worked as a senior web developer and lead a small team here.

Took care of web development, client meetings through text and voice chat.
From : 4/2015 - 5/2018
Company : Creative Web Designers (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Jalandhar - Punjab - India
Specialization : Web and Software Development

Job Title : Web Developer
Work Details : Main job here was to create web applications using php-mysql-apache and asp/ And to develop software using Java.
From : 5/2003 - 1/2005
Company : Creative Web Designers (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Jalandhar - Punjab - India
Specialization : IT/Computer - Software, Web Development

Job Title : Web Developer
Work Details : Worked as a web developer at King Infotech Software Solutions - Ludhiana, India.

Took care of web development. Everything from creating web pages to uploading and maintenance. Writing JavaScript, DHTML and server side code using PHP, Servlets, ASP and Perl etc. Had to administer the network of the center, which is NT based and handled other day-to-day networking problems.

From : 7/2000 - 9/2001
Company : King Infotech Software Solutions,
Ludhiana - Punjab - India
Specialization : Web and Software Development

Contact Information

Tel [Mobile] : +91-98158-00532 (Best time to call - Mon-Sat 11 AM to 10 PM)
Email :

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