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Web Designing and Development Services

Terms web designing and web development are used interchangeably. Mainly people think of web designing as creating graphics and web pages of the website. Web designing also includes creating flash movies to make your sites appealing.

Web development includes designing as well as programming part of the web site. Programming is required for many purposes. Programming as well as database designing is required to make your web site dynamic. For example to make your site searchable by web users. Programming is also needed to handle form submissions. For example users fill a forms to get registered on your web site for any services or to order products from your web site or to receive newsletters etc. Forms are also used to get feedback regarding your web site from your site.

We have capability and expertise to handle web designing and development for you. Our web developers are expert in flash or graphic designing. Our web programmers / developers use many programming languages like PHP, ASP, Java (Servlets and JSP) to create dynamic database driven websites. Please ask for a free quote

Dyanmic Website Development

You want to cut the costs of updating and modifying your website. Creating a database backend to your website will significantly lower your website overhead. You can go from making 15 updates to making one. We can provide you a control / admin panel to update your website yourself. You won't need to contact us to make changes to your website like adding new products, changing prices for your onilne stores. We can build online stores where you can sell your products / services with option to easily add/modify/remove products, manage orders. You can electronically receive payments using many different methods like credit card, paypal, egold, e-bullion etc. Many server side programming languages like ASP, PHP, JSP/Servlets are used to provide interface to the database like mysql, postgresql, sql server, MS Access and Oracle etc.

Web Hosting Services

To run a web site we need a Server where we can put our web sites. This is called web hosting. We have fast servers on which we can host your website. We provide good quality web hosting service at low costs. Please contact us for web hosting.

Domain Name Registration

Every web site has a name by which it is known. This name is called domain name. These domain names are registered with InterNIC, which handles the domain name registration for the web. We can register domain names on your behalf for low cost. Please contact us for domain name registration.
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