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Web hosting is required for your web sites to be available on the Internet. Hosting web sites on your own servers can be very expensive, as you'll need a fast computer, a static IP address and staff to manage the Server 24 hours. Managing your own dedicated server can be a difficult task. For small to medium sized web sites a dedicated server is not required. Shared hosting is the service used by almost 75% percent of the websites on Internet. If website is designed by us then we can help clients in finding web hosting Services for them. Hosts will be chosen based on their past record of making sure that servers are up and running 365 days of a year. Please contact us for your web hosting requirements.

Web Hosting News and Articles

  • FreedomPop Offering Open Wi-Fi Service
    Imagine that you could take your low-cost high-speed wireless Internet service with you anywhere you went. Imagine that you could also earn points for letting friends use the service bringing the cost down to nothing. FreedomPop hopes to give its customers exactly this experience disrupting the traditional model of ISPs....

  • For Online Security, Invest in People
    This year s Black Hat online security conference held in Las Vegas saw the return of a number of the speakers who showed up at the very first one. And while the best security practices might have changed some since that first conference was held in 1997 one thing has not changed your best security investment lies with hiring the right people....

  • World`s Third-Largest Botnet Bites the Dust
    If you ve noticed a reduction in spam recently you re not imagining things. Yesterday FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab announced that they d just knocked out the Grum botnet responsible for sending out twenty percent of the world s unsolicited bulk email. It took three days of concentrated effort....

  • Yahoo Security Breach Highlights Poor Practices
    Earlier this week Yahoo confirmed that hackers succeeded in breaking into an old file from their Yahoo Contributor Network and compromised some 45 user names and passwords. The details of the situation show that what happened is both less and more alarming than it appears at first glance....

  • Go Daddy Goes to India
    Major registrar and web hosting company Go Daddy announced today that it is expanding into India. The new office will be out of New Delhi and headed by a former Microsoft executive....

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